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Welcome to

This site offers free and anonymous access to a multiway chat/videoconferencing system.. You may wish to use this site for business purposes, distance learning, on-line radio, webTV and on-line concerts, catching up with friends, etc.

Suggested accessories are a webcam and/or a microphone. Keep the microphone away from the speaker as much as possible or use headset for echo cancellation However standard chat is also available. Voice chat only is available

Multiple conversations are possible and it is also possible to restrict the number of users by using a room chosen in advance, so that only users using the same room as you can talk to you. No signup needed. Just choose a username (and a room if applicable) and that's it !

There is no limit to the number of users you can talk to at any one time except your computer's power.

Free iframe script for webmaster. This is a beta test website. Please do let us know about any bugs you find or any features you would like to see added. ->here <-.

Insert this code to get the audio / video chat on your website :

Optional php argument for iframe url :
room : room's name
nick : username
This feature can be used to link to a user database